CROSS SKILL® is a tool which allows each individual to assess their competencies in line with professional requirements.

We are talking here about computer-based competency assessment.

Thanks to more than 1,600 assessments from several jobs (Banking, IT, Engineering, Luxembourgish Army, and even job seekers) in several languages (luxembourgish, english, german and french), CROSS SKILL® has many advantages:

  • CROSS SKILL® assessments are not formal objective tests (with true and false answers). They are subjective tests, easy to create and quicker to take, and therefore more cost-effective than existing tools.
  • Cross Skill® assessments are automatically generated: it takes few seconds to create and pass ; this is why any change to a job description can be almost automatically reflected by CROSS SKILL®. It is the only tool to automatically generate assessments based on job descriptions specific to the company’s vocabulary.
  • Lastly, if the results are compared with the tools available on the market, Cross Skill® has up to 7 times greater accuracy (accuracy here means more accurate inter-assessor agreement).

CROSS SKILL® is therefore a versatile tool enabling all types of competencies to be assessed (technical, behavioural, knowledge, know-how, soft skills, etc.). It also allows for a 360 degree assessment and functions with any type of medium or browser.