More accurate and cost-effective competency assessments tailored to your business language!

CROSS SKILL®, what is it about?


Cross Skill® is a technology-based competency assessment tool that automatically generates assessments from job descriptions or competency profiles.
These assessments are quick to build, easy to pass and up to 7 times more accurate than assessments made with existing tools.

Cross Skill® is a registered US and EU trademark, with a patent under examination.

In the increasingly competitive world of work, where jobs and jobs tasks are changing at a
fast pace, it is crucial to have tools that are able to assess competencies (self or others) in an easy and cost-effective manner.

Self-assessment is a cost-effective solution but it may suffer from low accuracy. On the other hand, traditional objective tests may be more valid but they are much more expensive and not relevant for many cases. Cross Skill® aims to combine both advantages of these methods.

Added value

Compared to objective tests, Cross Skill® assessments are easier to create, faster to take and therefore more cost-effective. Thanks to the automatic generation of assessments, it takes only a few minutes to assess competencies compared to hours or days for formal testing. Therefore, every update of a job description can be instantly deployed in an updated test.

Cross Skill® is a tool that can generate questions related to the specific vocabulary of an organization (compared to traditional generic competency dictionary provided by test publishers and consulting companies).

Driven by a PhD thesis and a follow-up R&D project, more than 1.600 people from various jobs and countries have provided substantial evidence of the the higher accuracy of Cross Skill®.
If you compare a self-assessment of an employee with an assessment made by its supervisor, the convergence (inter-rater agreement) is up to the 7 times higher with Cross Skill® than when classical assessment tools are used.


We used CROSS SKILL® with a sample of unemployed people and we will do it again in order to confirm the first positive results.
We consider that CROSS SKILL® may help us to easily identify people with specific interests and competencies without be forced to have a specific experience.

Head of project “Tailored path for jobseekers" at ADEM - Public Employment Service of Luxembourg

We supported this project because we want to help to valorize the Luxembourgish Research by facilitating the deployment of ‘proofs of concept. We were very enthusiastic for this tool because it can help everyone to be better prepared for our changing job market.

Independant Director- President of the Fondation pour la Construction de l’Avenir du Luxembourg

We used CROSS SKILL® in order to compare self-assessment with supervisor assessment. We believe that it could help us to improve performance appraisal.

Head of HR Raiffeisen Bank