Three steps to manage competencies: design the competency profile, assess it and display the results.

Step 1: Design CompetenciesStep 2: Take AssessmentStep 3: Get Results

Click on one of the Example buttons to use or edit an existing competency profile. Each competency profile is broken down into three levels: activities, tasks (sub-activities) and competencies (resources which can be Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes).

N.B.: These examples are limited to four competencies in order to get a quick report. If you want, you can edit the example and put your own skills in the table that will be displayed once you have chosen an example. When you are ready, you can generate the test by clicking on the button.

Each example corresponds to a shorted profiles from the ESCO database

Please choose an example.

Here is the example of the assessment that you just generated automatically from the standard example or according to the competencies profile you have defined in Step 1.

Answer spontaneously and do not forget to click on the “Next” button located at the bottom right.

After completing the assessment (Step 2) you get the results with different scores and sub-scores. This dynamic results report is for illustrative purposes only.

In the example, all skills have the same weight. Nevertheless, Cross Skill® allows you to weight each Knowledge, Skill and Attitude.